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Understanding the benefits of Reiki attunements and the importance of practise – sharing from Angie Webber

Understanding the Benefit of Reiki Attunements
on FEBRUARY 21, 2016
Article by Angie Webster – Angie Webster is a Reiki Master, Teacher, and Author. Angie’s primary focus is animal Reiki.
There can be some confusion for those who are interested in becoming involved in Reiki, or energy healing in general. It is normal when we get excited about something to read a few articles online or maybe a book from the library. With Reiki, there is lots of information available in the modern world about the basics of what Reiki is and the essential physical components of how it is practiced. This leads some to ask:
“What does Reiki training do for us? Is the attunement the only attraction? If so, why not just offer attunements and leave it at that?”
There are actually many forms of energy healing. These are methods of tuning in to and working with the forces of life and nature that are within all of us and the entire Universe. Some of these methods are very physical, such as qigong or acupuncture. Others are so subtle that there is little that can be said about them. They must be experienced in order to be understood properly. Meditation is much like this. While the concept can be discussed and practical suggestions offered to assist in meditating, meditation itself defies words. Until you practice meditation, you won’t fully understand it. Even then, your understanding is very personal and it deepens the longer you practice.
Reiki is something that falls somewhere in the middle. There are some things that are physical components, such as the hand positions. There are certain processes and steps that can help in achieving certain goals. Yet, much like with meditation, Reiki is a much more subtle process that must be experienced. It is also like meditation in that it is a truly personal experience, unique to each individual, and that it deepens with practice.
The Reiki attunement is not meant to negate the need for training, nor is it meant to eliminate the need for practice. You need to have a basis for how to tune in to the energy that you are opening yourself to, and how to use it properly. That is what the training is for and it would be impossible to learn that from reading alone. Practice and experience are necessary to understand it and good training will offer opportunity for the student to practice and begin to feel what the experience of energy is like for them. The teacher will offer suggestions, training tools and exercises to help guide the student to focus their own energy and their mind in order to better understand this, and then allow the student to actually have the experience and discuss it. The attunement is meant to facilitate and expand your ability to receive the training and understand the energy as you practice after training. It is not meant to replace it
The attunement helps to open your awareness to energy but it is not a paranormal magic wand. It can be seen as a very deep healing that allows you to begin to feel and remember the connection you have to energy and to your true nature. Without a commitment to practice and to tuning in, you probably won’t notice a huge difference in your life beyond the initial healing and clearing. It is the practice of Reiki and the desire to keep learning how to tune in to energy that deepens your connection.
Using the example of meditation again, if a person were to read several books on meditation and took a class on the subject and believed that this made them a meditator, they would be mistaken. They would have the potential to be a meditator, for sure, as we all do. But there is no way for them to develop a meditation practice, or even an understanding of meditation, until they actually begin to practice it. And in order to get true benefit from the practice, they would have to practice on a regular basis. Otherwise, they might begin to wonder what all the fuss was about. It is the same with Reiki.
One of the benefits of the attunement is that it helps you on your healing path. It can ease the journey or even open the door for you to begin. But it doesn’t allow you to skip over the path. You must first have the intention to heal and learn, as well as the intention to walk the path. Another benefit is that once you are attuned, it is always with you. If you stop practicing, you can begin again whenever you want and renew your connection. The training and practicing process is lifelong, as is healing. The journey may grow quieter at times, but it doesn’t end.
The attunement can be a helpful component to expanding our awareness of energy, which is one reason it is part of the Reiki training process. But it is only part of the training process. I encourage anyone who is interested in the healing path to embrace the journey and find the path that most resonates with them, but above all avoid quick fixes and look to your own inner healer. That is the best gift of Reiki training, attunement ant practice—the understanding, over time, that we are not alone or disconnected.

Active Healing Meditation -4 week workshop- Learn to play instruments of healing.

What is an active meditation?

It is using creative processes to take
your thoughts,
from the normal day to day,
to bring them into the present moment,
creating a sense of stillness and calmness.

Over four weeks learn why Sound and Vibration
are perfect tools for this process,
by playing the crystal bowls, gong and chimes.

As a group you will learn the how and why
of playing these beautiful instruments,
by week four,
the group will be performing
a harmonious crystal spiral.

Creatively calming your mind while
balancing your energy field
through the chakra attuned crystal bowls.
Playing the ancient instrument of a gong,
now that takes you inwards to your place of peace.

This program is a unique process,
to my knowledge not widely available
in a learning set up such as what I have designed here.

Does this feel like an activity that resonates with you?
Enrol to join us!

When – Tuesday evening 7pm to 9pm
first week 20th August – ending September 10th.
Where – my healing/meditation room at
17 Heal street Hamilton Hill
Exchange – $120 for the set of 4 weeks.
RSVP – via email or phone 0403873885.
Cheers, love and light
Euphemia xo

Creative expression as a meditative tool

This was my meditation for today.

I felt a pull to use colour as an alternative to writing and visualising.

In my eyes its beautiful and uplifting. I was able to put my feelings of the moment into a colourful image without having the conscious thought first.

Creative expression is not always about perfection or art.

Its about expressing yourself in a unique and honest manner.

I teach this beautiful method in Awaken and Raise your Vibration course,

and in my upcoming book with the same name.

I suggest having a go… Create your life with colour and uplifted vibrations xo

Cheers, love and light Euphemia xo


Time for change!  After 12 years of running regular open meditations, its time for a new approach.

Why did I start running meditation groups?

12 years ago, I was in a very busy time of life, 4 kids at school,
working full time, busy husband and ailing parents.
And felt lost in all this busyness.Sound familiar? Then I joined –
My beautiful sister in law set up a weekly meditation group, facilitated by the wonderful Fran. I loved this group, most of the time I fell asleep, however that 20 minutes was very refreshing ,calming and grounding. Then Fran wasn’t able to continue any longer, so I decided to run a group myself, no experience other than having the benefit of being uplifted as part a group.
Initially I set up at Cindy Louises Shop in Willagee (now in Beaconsfield) for a few years, then moved to Bull Creek Community Centre for a year, then off to Balance Chiropractic and then we were able to create a lovely space at home.

Here we are now. I love the creative side of writing meditations and watching the journey of those that attend, to witness how supporting and expanding meditation is.
The different ways of practising meditation has been a huge support for me personally through life’s ups and downs, and we all have those in our stories.

The next step is – a new approach by creating the meditations in a set of weeks to give the continuum and allowing a focus point for learning.
Having each person prebook for the set, gives freedom to explore
during the meditation when one knows the environment they are coming into. This point was high lighted by the recent six week course, where after the first week everyone felt safe to expand on their own journey with being comfortable with the group.
I particularly love the journey and seeing everyone’s light shine.

As well as promoted set dates I encourage private bookings with requested themes, a minimum of 6 people to start a group . For a one off session or a set of weeks. What an amazing experience to share with loved ones, family and friends.

Here are the dates and themes,-

The first set is a similar format to the current bi- monthly meditations with more attention to how’s and whys.
The sets replace the bi-monthly groups.

Set 1 – Lift your energy with the awareness of your chakra system
4 weeks starting July 16th to August 6th
7pm to 8:30 pm
Format – Physical relaxation
Guided with visualisation
Healing with crystal, bowls and gong
Exchange $85.00 for the set – prebookings required
Size of group – Minimum 4 Max 8.
This set is very much focused on relaxation and healing with everyone laying on a mat or on a recliner chair if physically required. A beautiful and deep process to do in the middle of winter to establish a meditation practise and to allow physical and emotional rejuvenation.

Set 2 – Sound Baths
Date starting Tuesday 20th August to Sept 10th 7pm – 9pm
Exchange – $120 for the set, prebookings required.
Over 4 weeks learn why and how to use the gong, crystal bowls and chimes, culminating in a harmonious crystal spiral by week 4.
This is what we would call an “active meditation” uplifting for the
individual and the group, so much fun and covers, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of self.

Set 3 – Awaken and Raise your Vibration 6 week course
Starting Tuesdays October 22nd 7pm to 9:30.
Exchanges – $320, prebooking required.

This courses covers all aspects of my practise and a wonderful journey in the exploration of self, of how you became who you are today on a energetic and vibration level. Its different components are what I am basing the sets on.
Love this journey and seeing everyones light shine xo

Set 4, Yet to be set and themed xoxo
I am very excited about welcoming private sessions,
We did one earlier in the year for a beautiful young lady who was getting married, celebrating relationships was the theme,
the energy was soo uplifting and loving.

I am happy to create private sessions without the sound for a certain theme, simply ask!

Looking forward to the new appraoch and sharing many more wonderful life journeys with you.

Cheers, love and light Euphemia xox

Complete below to join us, please place which set you are booking for in the comment.



Reiki Circle Saturday 30th November 10am to 12pm

Have you been tuned in to Reiki 1, 2 or 3?

Would you like a place to connect with your gift, practise on yourself

and others?

Once you have been attuned Reiki never leaves you. The key to refresh

is practise!

Join us in my healing room, in a relaxed atmosphere ,with like minded

people, to practise and with ease have some points of discussion.

Give me the heads up if you are joining us by Friday 29th November

Cheers Euphemia xo



Wellness Expo Kwinana 8th June, come and meet us at our stall!

We will be there, promoting “Meditation” as a key to a peaceful mind –

following on to peace in the body, emotions, environment and ones spirit.

Join us for a free sound meditation session in the marquee at 1:30pm,

for a little chat on the benefits of sound meditation, then simply lay back and

enjoy as Peter and I soak you in the amazing sounds of crystal bowls and gong.

Rosa will be on hand demonstrating her beautiful Crystal seed kits, that she has

crafted from a local timber and chosen crystals to meet five specific areas to relieve stress and bring in peace and harmony.

The areas being

Physical – the body

Emotions – the heart

Mental – the mind

Environment – our planet earth and our relationships

Spirit – Ones own beautiful spirit and purpose.

For $5 dollar over 10 minutes  I will be offering private tailored meditations for one of your above chosen areas. Sooo powerful to acknowledge where energy lays within you and soo gentle to release in a meditation.

From my up coming book I will be providing some images to colour in on the spot,

to share the benefits and focus colouring  brings. Soothing and child like in its action,

yet valuable in its application for the time spent on yourself. Some kindness to self goes a long way.

Hope to see you there, please pass on to anyone you know that lives in this area to come and visit us! we would love to meet them!

Cheers, love and light

Euphemia xo