Active Healing Meditation -4 week workshop- Learn to play instruments of healing.

What is an active meditation?

It is using creative processes to take
your thoughts,
from the normal day to day,
to bring them into the present moment,
creating a sense of stillness and calmness.

Over four weeks learn why Sound and Vibration
are perfect tools for this process,
by playing the crystal bowls, gong and chimes.

As a group you will learn the how and why
of playing these beautiful instruments,
by week four,
the group will be performing
a harmonious crystal spiral.

Creatively calming your mind while
balancing your energy field
through the chakra attuned crystal bowls.
Playing the ancient instrument of a gong,
now that takes you inwards to your place of peace.

This program is a unique process,
to my knowledge not widely available
in a learning set up such as what I have designed here.

Does this feel like an activity that resonates with you?
Enrol to join us!

When – Tuesday evening 7pm to 9pm
first week 20th August – ending September 10th.
Where – my healing/meditation room at
17 Heal street Hamilton Hill
Exchange – $120 for the set of 4 weeks.
RSVP – via email or phone 0403873885.
Cheers, love and light
Euphemia xo

Creative expression as a meditative tool

This was my meditation for today.

I felt a pull to use colour as an alternative to writing and visualising.

In my eyes its beautiful and uplifting. I was able to put my feelings of the moment into a colourful image without having the conscious thought first.

Creative expression is not always about perfection or art.

Its about expressing yourself in a unique and honest manner.

I teach this beautiful method in Awaken and Raise your Vibration course,

and in my upcoming book with the same name.

I suggest having a go… Create your life with colour and uplifted vibrations xo

Cheers, love and light Euphemia xo


Personal and Private Meditations

An idea on how you can enjoy an experience of meditation, energy, colour and sound with family and/ or friends. To enhance relationships of all kinds. We are very happy to facilitate any intentions.

Over Easter we provided a private session for a bride to be with some of her family

and friends. Our theme celebration of “self love and love within relationships”

It was a beautiful session enhanced by the sound of rain signifying freshness and new


The wonderful connection between the beautiful bride and her friends and family was enhanced and celebrated and all energised for the upcoming wedding.

A big thankyou to these beautiful people!

Cheers, love and light,

Euphemia xo

Angel Light is an Approved Training Provider of Reiki Courses and offers Reiki Healings in the Hamilton Hill, Cockburn / Fremantle Area in Perth, Western Australia

Reiki 1 Workshop November 17th 2019

Reiki is a beautiful and enriching modality.

In this workshop you will discover what Reiki is,
its origins and philosophy.

Receive attunements
to access this natural universal energy
to facilitate hands on healing.

Reiki guides us to find balance and harmony
leading to deep relaxation and healing,
developing ones intuition and inner wisdom.

A well known and enriching pathway to becoming
an energy practitioner.

We welcome you to the wonderful community of
Usui way of Reiki Natural Healers.

What: Reiki One – Certified workshop
With: Reiki Master Euphemia Keisler,
a registered provider
with IICT International
When: Sunday November 17th

9:30am to 4:30pm
Exchange: $200

Followed by Reiki circles for practise and support,
next one Saturday 30th November

Is this your time to work with universal energy?

Cheers love and light Euphemia

A message for 2019

A year for optimism and finding the magic in your environment.

With the lifting of last years lessons we are able to view and embrace the changing and expanding landscapes within ones current environment.

Changes can represent the loss of those comfortable guidelines we use to navigate our way in life, and this can seem scary at first!

Lets approach the changing landscapes with adventure and the uplifting feel of this year is to embrace with optimism these changes as they expand into visions you may not have dared to be possible before or even dreamed of. A very exciting time to move forward with ones dreams!

A opportunity to embrace and connect with your environment for messages and guidance , connecting with the magic on offer, by acknowledging where your thoughts are at the time of meeting the elements and listening to what they have to tell you.

Does one of earths creatures appear to you at a time of contemplation? And many more magic moments on offer within our natural environment. Ill give examples throughout the year and perhaps some may resonate with you and provide ah ha moments. Lets share the magic!

Wishing you all much love and new amazing experiences for 2019.

Let the adventure stories begin…………………….

Cheers, love and light Euphemia xo


Flower of the Melaleuca bush is resilient and light to spread far and wide. The bush has many magical healing and spiritual properties.
A positive token for 2019.

What happens when you do something that takes you out of your comfort zone?  “Your Magic happens”

Hello Everyone !

Yah! we are back from our lovely holiday in the sun,
in our magnificent country of Journeying to the centre of the earth at Karijini and Swimming in the deep blue sea at Exmouth.
We were fortunate enough to have a great balance of adventure with family and friends and relaxation,
have to add lots of eating and drinking, sharing meals 🙂

The bus went soo well, a dream come to fruition for Peter
and a great time for he and I to nurture our relationship without the stresses of daily life.
I also had a beautiful spiritual experience with one of my spirit guides, Ill share the details later xo
Best of all worlds!
As with all families we have had our fair share of challenges and joys over the years.

We all have a story and it creates who we are.

One of the things I have learnt is to find a way to recognise when life puts us out of balance and find what brings us back to centre. Where we can listen to our intuition and messages from spirit and the divine to guide us.
The magic of every ones story and messages received from many different ways is depicted in the Mandala below.
I am looking forward to sharing some of these ways
to see your own magic,
with the following course of
Awaken and raise your vibration,
we have only 3 spots left , how about it, feeling adventurous!

How would it feel to be deeply connected with your truth and to be intuitively receptive to your energetic self_ Would (5)

What happens when you do something that takes you out of your comfort zone?
 “Your  Magic  happens”

A weekend of beautiful psychic massage for the body, heart, mind, spirit and soul!

El Cabello blanco March 2018

It’s here again !

A whole weekend of food for the soul, messages to lift our spirit, an avenue to connect in with our loved ones, healing for our body & mind and loving colour & energy to make our heart sing !

Sound like a wonderful weekend? 

Oh yes I will be there doing clairvoyant colour readings that I just LOVE to share with you , mwah!  on Saturday and Sunday

Come and join us for a day or even two days ! 

The amazing Anthony Grzelka – Australia’s Ghost Whisperer will be doing his

thing on the Saturday night, how about dinner and show, the food is pretty delicious.

A retreat without having to go far, yet still away, simply the best.

Would be absolutely great to see you there. Please give me a call to book in early

for a reading and have your desired time all planned in for your wonderful day .