During a turbulent time, Euphemia gently suggested I participate in the 6 weeks Awaken and Raise your Vibration course as it may help me. I wasn’t sure whether it was for me but trusted her intuition and enrolled. I had absolutely no expectations of what I might gain from the course but as we journeyed through the weeks, I realised Euphemia was right. The course taught me to keep focus, seek the answers within, because they are always there, and to accept, love and be at peace with myself. Thank you, Euphemia.

Suzanne – 6 week course

My name is Jane, and I enjoyed revisiting the AWAKEN and RAISE Your VIBRATIONS course in 2018.

Re-journeying through this course in partnership with Euphemia I gained a sharper awareness of my inner self, and gained greater insights into Who I Am, Why I Am, How I Am.

I have grown into a stronger and more fulfilled person with revisiting the above course and I thank Euphemia from the bottom of my heart for all she has given me through her teachings of AWAKEN and RAISE Your VIBRATIONS.

Thank You Euphemia

Jane Robertson for 6 week course

Euphemia guided me through the course in October – November 2014.
On many occasions I was well and truly out of my comfort zone but Euphemia’s warmth, understanding and gentle guidance gave me the confidence to search that little bit deeper within myself.
Another bonus of workshops with Euphemia is the wonderful companionship you get along the way. I have met the most amazing women during these times and have always felt blessed to participate in their journey.
Euphemia, thank you for sharing your talents amongst us.

Miriam Botman for 6 week course

I was lucky enough to be a participant of Euphemia’s “Awaken and Raise your Vibration” course over a six week period. I will be honest and say I attended with some trepidation as the course involved colour and I classed myself as a useless drawer and this would not really allow me to be myself in the class or make the most of the meditation and chakra balances that I was going to be exposed to.

Euphemia created a family environment with all the participants where we felt comfortable sharing the experiences we gained from each session. She challenged us to use our non-dominant hand as the drawer so our true feelings would be expressed on the paper and from what I drew and the colours I used I got so much insight as to who I really was as a person from the discussions after.

The meditation with colour has been a life long lesson that I use every day. In one session Euphemia spoke about a whale shark and its characteristics where when in danger would swim back to the bottom of the ocean and resurface when danger had gone. I now am the whale shark using the meditation colour support as the bottom of the ocean when I need to recharge, reflect and go back to the real me before resurfacing to face the challenges.


Jannene Prosser for 6 week course and meditation group.

Also I wanted to say that after our session, when I think about my mother and when we’ve been in contact I have noticed her ‘judgement’ but it no longer seems to worry me. I feel quite liberated from the situation and excited about just being me and being proud of who I am.

name withheld

“The most enlightening experience I have ever had spiritually and emotionally. I feel better in myself and more comfortable with who I am. Euphemia is an extremely experienced and talented professional. The programs she puts together really provide a journey for people that will benefit from them 100%. I highly recommend her meditation or programs. Loved the sound vibration meditation too.”


“Wow what an experience!!!! Thank you Euphemia for a wonderful 6 weeks, it has been life altering for me. I will definately be undertaking your Reiki courses and meditation session. I can highly recommend the Awaken and Raise your vibration course. Euphemia is a fabulous teacher who provides a beautiful calm environment with great knowledge. Thank you so much.”


“Euphemia from Angel Light Heart and Soul Healing is an absolute miracle worker, without her I truly don’t know where I would be today. The healing sessions she conducts opens you to so many things to help with your spiritual, emotional and day to day life journey. You leave feeling so amazing and Euphemia puts you at ease as soon as you walk through the door. Her beautiful energy and personality just shines through and touches your heart on so many levels. Euphemia also conducts meditations and classes which I’ve also attended and I’ve had the most incredible results from everything I do with her, I especially loved the Developing your Clairvoyance Courses I did. I would highly recommend Angel Light Heart and Soul Healing to everyone.”


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