Jannene Prosser for 6 week course and meditation group.

I was lucky enough to be a participant of Euphemia’s “Awaken and Raise your Vibration” course over a six week period. I will be honest and say I attended with some trepidation as the course involved colour and I classed myself as a useless drawer and this would not really allow me to be myself in the class or make the most of the meditation and chakra balances that I was going to be exposed to.

Euphemia created a family environment with all the participants where we felt comfortable sharing the experiences we gained from each session. She challenged us to use our non-dominant hand as the drawer so our true feelings would be expressed on the paper and from what I drew and the colours I used I got so much insight as to who I really was as a person from the discussions after.

The meditation with colour has been a life long lesson that I use every day. In one session Euphemia spoke about a whale shark and its characteristics where when in danger would swim back to the bottom of the ocean and resurface when danger had gone. I now am the whale shark using the meditation colour support as the bottom of the ocean when I need to recharge, reflect and go back to the real me before resurfacing to face the challenges.